Repertoire with Orchestra

J.S. BACH in D minor, BWV 1052
PAISIELLO Concerto en do majeur
MOZART in B flat major, K.450
MOZART in E flat major, K.482
MOZART in A major, K.488
MOZART in C minor, K.491
BEETHOVEN no 3 in C minor, op.37
BEETHOVEN no 5 in E flat major, op.73
MOZART in A major K.414
SCHUMANN in A minor, op.54
BRAHMS no 2 in B flat major, op.83
TCHAIKOVSKY no 1 in B flat minor, op.23
TCHAIKOVSKY no 2 in G major, op.44
RAVEL in D major, for the left hand

Repertoire with String Orchestra

RAOUL SOSA  Concerto for the left hand

Recital (List of Composers)


Alkan, Berg, Bartok, Berio, Blumenfeld, Brenet, Czerny, Lipatti, Louvier, Messiaen, Moszkowsky, Mompou, Nono, Reger, Reinecke, Saint-Saëns, Schmidt, Schoenberg, Schulhoff, Scriabine, Sosa, Stravinsky-Sosa, Stockhausen, Takacs, Tisné, Xénakis

Chamber Music

Brahms, Schubert , Sosa, Berg, Korngold, Schmidt, Janacek, Fauré


RAOUL SOSA : Romance, Refinement, Mysticism (Summer 2017 in Prevost) ( Lyne Boulet, Journal Le Sentier)

Fabulous !
Very impressed by his virtuosity…
Musical perfection…
Exceptional musicianship…
Divine moments…
A greal master…

His great musicality and prodigious technique have left a lasting impression on enthusiastic audiences in all of the major artistic centres of Europe, Americas and Asia.

An ame-inspiring triumph of mind over matter.

Sosa’s mastery of the medium allowed him to communicate the essence of the music& song-like phrases and exceptional fluency resulted in a performance of stunning musicality.
Montreal: The Gazette Carl Urquhart

Raoul Sosa’s Concerto for the left hand communicates great emotional strength.

A leader and a masterly conductor.

Mr. Sosa’s “golden left hand” moved freely across the keyboard, as he overwhelmed the Japanese audience who was deeply touched by his strong and amazing performance.
Tokyo: Mainichi Shimbun

Sosa performance excites audience, draws encores& But it was the Moussorgsky that brought down the house, and the enthusiasm was such that Sosa was recalled for two encores.
The Montreal Star Eric McLean

Sosa performance beautiful& His performance of the Bach-Busoni Prelude and Fugue in D major, Rachmaninoff s Variations on a Theme of Chopin, was among the most intensely beautiful musical experiences this critic has enjoyed in a long time.
The Ottawa Citizen A.M. Gillmor

Raoul Sosa, musician

” phenomenal! “
” great pianist, great interpreter “
” the public was astonished by his dazzling performance “
” full of concentration and expression “

Le tour de force de Raoul Sosa
” five fingers playing at the same time the melody and the harmony through chords, arpeggios and tremolos “
” very fast displacing of the hand all over the keyboard “

Sosa, mieux qu’un tour de force
” perfect control of the sonority and expression, incredibly flexibility of the hand “
” great impetus “
” first rank artist “

Raoul Sosa excites audience
” The walls of the theatre vibrated with Raoul Sosa’s one hand virtuosity “.

” Raoul Sosa’s beautiful sonority delighted the public “.

” It was a thrilling evening with an amazing pianist “.

” The audience was rapted with the enchantment of this beautiful music played with that unique left hand “.

” As well as in the Baroque and the Romantic periods, all the works of the programme subjugated the audience and left it breatheless “.

” Prelude and Nocturne: great expression, very colourful, full of romanticism “.

” Capriccioso: amazing independence of each finger, giving a permanent impression of two hands “.

” Chopin: new enlightening of these etudes that contribute to valorise their rich polyphony “.

” The grateful audience gave to the artist a standing ovation for this unforgettable evening “.

France: Moulins La Montagne
” For all piano lovers there is no doubt that piano compositions for the left hand, when they are perfectly played, are so fascinating that no one can resist to such a kind of works “.

” This recording contains a great variety of works, including some fascinating transcriptions by Raoul Sosa of such frightening compositions like Bach and Ravel “.

” After a short moment of listening to the CDs, we can fully enjoy this superlative interpretation of Raoul Sosa who masters the whole keyboard with the only five fingers of his left hand “.

” In addition to a technical mastering of the instrument that is really unique, he is equally confortable in the interpretation of classical, romantic and contemporary periods “.

” We can affirm that he is a prodigious musician with a very rich and colourful playing and he succeeds to make the piano sound in a very unusual way “.

” Real musical interest of his approach “.

” Listen and enjoy completely this wonderful playing devoted to passionate piano lovers who dream of listening something outstanding “.
Paris, France: Répertoire 1997

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